£13,000 and rising!

Team Jackie runners have already raised a further £13,000 from this year’s Bath Half.  Brilliant effort.  Lots of sponsorship always comes in just before the race, and typically more than 25% comes in after the race, so I’m hopeful that we can exceed £20,000 – if not £25,000.  Come on, let’s go for it!

With only 24 hours until the race, it’s a great time to get a last pre-race reminder out to all of your friends and contacts, some of whom I’m sure will be intending to sponsor you but either haven’t got around to it yet or may have slipped their mind.  Today, for the first time in months, you don’t need to feel guilty about putting your feet up.  Watch the rugby! And maybe send off one last email!

Thank you all so much for this amazing effort!

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