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Team Jackie will be back in Cardiff on Sunday 2nd October – it’s 3rd year running the Cardiff Half Marathon. We are hoping to have even more runners than the 50 that we had last year.  And to raise even more money!  We raised almost £14k last year but with over £236k raised to date, Team Jackie is determined to smash past £250k at Cardiff this year.  Which will make it an even more special day!

We are still recruiting so anyone that is interested in joining us should contact Gill Knowles at “”

And anyone interested in sponsoring Team Jackie can do so by clicking here

Last year we took Cardiff by storm with over 50 runners and many, many supporters. Bigger and stronger than the previous year, Team Jackie really does feel like it is going to be at Cardiff for many years to come!

And getting faster too!  We came 4th in the team challenge which was seriously impressive.  Tom Tweedy was our faster runner at 1 hour 30 mins but we had another 4 runners (Samuel Shilton, Harrison Flint, Nick Kimberlee and Jennie Eaton) all coming in at under 1 hour 38 mins.

The feedback from everyone involved was so incredibly positive – the amazing atmosphere and team spirit encouraged many of the runners to commit to this year.  It’s an incredible experience – one of the biggest and fastest half marathons in the country.  And it even has a downhill finish – unlike Bath!  It really is a very special city where Jackie and David lived for many happy years.  We had many old friends running but also many new friends that never met Jackie.  The passion and commitment that they showed was inspiring and it is a clear reminder of why Jackie loved Wales and it’s people so much!

I would like to thank everyone for their immense generosity and I would like to say a particularly big thank you to the people at Purolite Ltd, who have now donated a total of £5,625!  They lost 2 good colleagues recently to pancreatic cancer – what an incredible tribute.  And a big thank you also to the generosity of The Live Lounge, where we were all able to meet up afterwards for free food and refreshments – so grateful.





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