Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund

Reg. Charity No. 1103253

Team Jackie supports the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund (PCRF). This is the only UK charity dedicated to funding research into pancreatic cancer.

PCRF, a registered charity (No. 1103253), was founded in April 2004 by Maggie Blanks, following the death of her husband from the disease in May 2003. It is the only UK charity dedicated solely to fundraising for more research into pancreatic cancer. PCRF currently funds £3 million of research projects entirely from donations. The charity also aims to persuade the existing major research funders to give greater attention to the disease.

Each year approximately 8,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It is an extremely difficult cancer to diagnose and treat because it is unusually aggressive, symptoms are often vague and generally appear at an advanced stage of the disease.

Pancreatic cancer has the worst survival rate of any common cancer – only 3 in every 100 people diagnosed will live for 5 years, a figure that has not improved in 40 years.  This cancer is so aggressive, by the time it’s diagnosed, 90% of people will be told that they are terminally ill and given 6-12 months to live.

Pancreatic cancer is the UK’s 5th biggest cancer killer, yet receives less than 2% overall research funding.

Please help us change this in what ever way you can.  You can write or speak to your local MP so we can start to inform and influence government in the decisions over funding and priorities.  This link will allow you to easily find contact details for your local MP.

And you can sponsor our efforts, as Team Jackie seeks to raise £50k for pancreatic cancer research – donate

  3 comments for “Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund

  1. admin
    26 November 2012 at 10:48 pm

    Pancreatic cancer is criminally underfunded – let’s change this dreadful situation.

  2. Barbara Strutt
    27 March 2013 at 11:10 pm

    My husband died of PC in 2010 and there isn’t even an awareness campaign over here in Ireland. I really admire how you have started this campaign in the UK. I don’t think I would have the energy for that but I would love to at least find some way of bringing it to the general public’s attention. My husband had only mild and non specific symptoms but an astute consultant ordered the scan that led to his diagnosis. He died in terrible pain 8 months later. I would love to see some kind of early detection test or at least make people aware of the symptoms. When I look back, I think Mike had these symptoms for as much as three years before diagnosis. Maybe he could still be alive if the doctor hadn’t assumed he was suffering from indigestion – common in men in late 40s and similar presentation.

    I would be grateful for any advice you could give me about where to start to bring this into the public domain. Keep up the good work

    • David Orme
      17 April 2013 at 1:10 am

      Hi Barbara,

      I’m so sorry to hear that you have lost your husband to this dreadful disease. And I share your belief that more needs to be done to fight this disease. Despite being the 5th biggest cancer killer, it receives less than 2% of funding into cancer. There is a desperate need for funding into early detection and into developing realistic treatments to fight it’s relentless progress. There are a number of charities in the UK specifically dedicated to fighting pancreatic cancer. Team Jackie has become closely associated with the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund which is the only UK charity dedicated to research into this area. Research into finding viable treatments is what I feel most passionate about and it is into this area that I have therefore primarily focused the efforts of Team Jackie. This charity was founded in 2004 ago by Maggie Blanks who sadly lost her husband to pancreatic cancer. There is also Pancreatic Cancer UK which focuses on a broad range of issues including early diagnosis, support, information, and some research. The other charity worth mentioning is Pancreatic Cancer Action which was set up by Ali Stunt in 2010 and focuses primarily on the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. All are very worthy charities and I am very happy to chat to you if you are keen to get involved in this incredibly important fight. So far Team Jackie has raised over £120k of which £112k has been for The Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund, the majority of this going towards funding a 3 year post graduate research post.

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